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How To Find the Right Chiropractor in Vancouver, WA

I have been in this profession for some time and what I would like to do is share my experience on how to find a chiropractor that best fits your needs, because chiropractors are very different in their styles of practice.

First you need to ask your self a question. What is the purpose of my visit? Is this visit for your child? Are you looking for wellness? Are you looking to treat a specific condition such as headache, back pain, joint pain or is it in regards to an injury after car accident or perhaps an incident at work? If I was to call chiropractic office I would specifically ask what the chiropractor specializes in.

Chiropractors further subdivide to two types, “straight” chiropractors and “mixers”. Not to make things too complicated I will give an example. Straight chiropractors will say something like “Have you had your flu adjustment today?” and will most likely adjust your spine and take an xray on you during your first visit to find subluxations. Where as mixers will focus on scientific approach of the anatomy and physiology aspect of things and most of the will avoid taking xray as its considered unscientific to take xray for the purpose of finding subluxations alone.

These definitions came from the dictionary and are more complicated.

Straight chiropractors:

“The method of chiropractic which is most in keeping with the principles delineated by DD Palmer, the founder of chiropractic. Straight chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession with responsibility and authority limited to anatomy of the spine and immediate articulations, the condition of vertebral subluxation and a scope of practice which addresses vertebral subluxations, as well as educating patients and advising them about subluxations.

Straight chiropractors believe that is inappropriate to use terminology that has other definitions for other healthcare professionals, as it leads to confusion, and thus prefer analysis to diagnosis, adjustment to manipulation, and eschew the terms treatment, chiropractic medicine and chiropractic physician. Only 15% of chiropractors are straight practitioners.”

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Mixer chiropractors:

“A method of chiropractic that diverges from the fundamental principles delineated by DD Palmer (the founder of chiropractic), mixed chiropractic represents an individual style of practice and incorporates a wide range of modalities – e.g., ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, diet and nutritional supplementation, homeopathy, massages, mind/body medicine, naturopathy and other methods of healing. Approximately 85% of practitioners are mixed chiropractics”

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We consider our selves as mixed chiropractors and specialize in treatment of people after car accidents and work injuries.