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Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Pain in Vancouver

Chronic pain is very interesting to treat. Treatment begins from the moment you walk in our door. Gathering of information begins by observing how the patient walks through the hallway. Secondly, we try to establish the cause of this pain. Very often it is not even clear to the patient how this problem may have occurred. In order to figure out the cause, we start exploring their daily routine which includes their work, sleep and spare time. Usually an experienced chiropractor can pick up on a possible cause from their daily routine. Once there is a clue, palpation of the spine and surrounding musculature of the effected area will complete the “picture” of the situation and a conclusion can be made.

After the cause has been established, the patient is educated on the possible actions that can be made to help resolve their issue. 

Once all the questions are answered and the patient is aware of what to do, the treatment begins.