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Natural Treatment for Vancouver Back Pain and Neck Pain

Back pain and neck pain are both extremely common (affecting an estimated 8 out 10 of Americans), and both can prove extremely disruptive to your quality of life. Acute injuries, degenerative joint diseases, soft tissues strains and vertebral disc problems can all make it impossible to earn a living, get a decent night sleep or perform ordinary household tasks. Fortunately, a skilled Vancouver chiropractor can use natural, non-surgical techniques to help you get your Vancouver back pain or neck pain under control -- and we have two of them here at Manual Medicine and Rehab Center, Dr. Li Chen and Dr. Nikolay Chernukhin.

man with back and neck pain in Vancouver at Vancouver chiropractor

Spinal Health with your Vancouver Chiropractors

When you consider the amount of work your spinal column must do, it's little wonder that this remarkable structure is prone to injuries and chronic ailments. The spine is made of a series of vertebrae, cushioned by spongy discs and articulated by small joints called facet joints. This assembly envelopes the spinal cord, whose major nerve roots jut out from the spaces between the vertebrae. Any number of things can throw this delicate balance awry, creating acute or chronic pain that requires the attention of your Vancouver chiropractor at Manual Medicine and Rehab Center.

Back pain is a major drain on the working world, costing businesses up to $200 billion a year in absenteeism, insurance claims and other costs. Workers who lift heavy objects are at risk for lower back injury and pain, as are employees who fall or drivers who sustain auto injury accidents. Herniated discs in the lumbar region are not only painful in their own right, but they can also cause referred pain by pinching on the sciatic nerve (sciatica). But back pain can develop gradually as well. For instance, older discs may dehydrate and flatten, straining the facet joints and possibly speeding up the process of spinal arthritis. 

Many of the same structural problems that cause back pain can also affect the cervical vertebrae and musculature of the neck. Acute injuries such as whiplash, strain from a droop-necked posture and chronic alignment problems can cause neck pain, headaches and other discomforts.

Ready to Relieve Your Pain?

If you're fed up with your pain and you're looking for a Vancouver or Battleground chiropractor who can help, come to Manual Medicine and Rehab Center. Either Vancouver chiropractor on our team can evaluate your entire spinal column to check for any alignment problems that may be causing pinched nerves, joint wear and/or muscular stress in the neck or back.

Once your chiropractor in Vancouver has pinpointed the problem, we can employ natural, safe, non-invasive techniques to correct it. Chiropractic adjustment can improve your spinal alignment and pain-free range of motion, while soft tissue massage can relieve muscle pain, stiffness and inflammation while promoting more rapid healing of acute injuries such as strains and sprains. Call 360-737-9665  for an appointment with our chiropractor in Vancouver!